Orgin of the Reuben

Orgin of the Reuben

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People will go out of there way to have one, you find it on the menu of almost every diner and various food service establishments.   But where did it start and how did it get so popular? While there is a lot of debate there are two  leading stories behind the orgin of the Reuben.


The Reuben popped up sometime in the 1920’s.  Some say it originated in Omaha. Omaha happens to also declared March 14th as national Reuben day. This legend goes that a Jewish, Lithuanian grocer Named Reuben Kulakofsky is who the sandwich is named for.    Reuben would request a corned beef and sauerkraut sandwich at his weekly poker game at the Blackstone Hotel in Omaha.   The Chef who was the son of the owner of the hotel (also a regular at the poker game ) Put it on Rye and added Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.   The sandwich was so popular it was added to the hotel lunch menu.   An employee then entered it into a national Sandwich contest and the Reuben gained national attention.


THe other accepted story is Arnold Reuben owner of Reubens Deli in NYC. He made the sandwich for and actress after an exhausting filming with Charlie Chaplin, she wanted a large filling unique sandwich,  he called it the “The Reuben Special”


Not sure how but we ate Craft eats are glad it came to be, we try to honor the past by making the best Reuben you can get.  Our special recipe corned beef  melt in your mouth hand carved  not thinly sliced, High quality sourdough Rye or marble rye, and our special dressing with secret ingredients,  we are sure  Either Reuben would agree Craft Eats makes a Reuben worthy of the name.

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