The Craft-Rewards Coin!

There are a limited number of coins produced, we are not tracking purchases once you have earned a coin you can take advantage of the promotions. Through the year (2-4 times) we may ask you to support a campaign (post a review, try a special and post it, share a recipe , post on social media , introduce us to someone new or even try a different shop in the market are examples.


Ingrid and John

What is the Craft-Rewards Coin?

The Craft-Rewards Coin, an integral part of our innovative loyalty program, opens the door to an array of savings and rewards every time you visit us. Earn a coin, and you automatically qualify for miscellaneous rewards and discounts, which are updated every month. What sets this program apart is that once you’ve attained a coin, you don’t need to track purchases to utilize the promotions.

The coins are limited in number, making them all the more exclusive.  Rest assured, your loyalty with the Craft-Rewards Coin goes beyond mere transactions, fostering a richer and more interactive shopping experience.

How Do I Get a Craft Coin?

If you were in our previous program and have over 100 points you trade up to the craft coin, (There are a bunch of super fans that have already earned a coin) If you were not in the program or have under 100 points You just need to complete a campaign.

Print this check list and complete 10 of 14 tasks (remember we only produce a limited number of rewards coins production of additional coins will be based on how we grow).

  1. Order a Rueben or Glazed and dazed.
  2. Try a Breakfast.
  3. Buy 2 grab n Goes
  4. Post a story of you eating one of our specialty programs
  5. Post a review on google or face book.
  6. post a review on trip advisor or yelp.
  7. Order at least two items for delivery or pick up from our web site.
  8. Buy something from our friends “profits with purpose, olive spout, and JJ’s.
  9. Party of four for lunch or dinner on one check.
  10. 3 out 5 in 3 weeks (Corned Beef, Turkey , pastrami , roast beef or meatloaf)
    Order two large trays from our pre order menu (includes 2 pounds sliced meat)
  11. While sitting at our counter convince someone to try a slice of CB
  12. Bring your sandwich into the iron lion grab a drink and show off your meal to the people next to you.
  13. Treat two kids (not yours ) to a soda float.
  14. Complete a flight of reading soda works birch sodas or a fruit flight post your notes and ranking.

Or you can skip the line and take on the Craft – Eats Rueben Challenge the biggest honkin Reuben this side of the Mississippi.

18 oz of Craft corned beef, a load of sauerkraut 10 slices of Swiss on two slices (cut lengthwise) Hatties Sourdough Rye, eat it all with a side of Craft hash.

Get a coin, become famous, picture on our wall of shame and get a Hat.

***mechanics and/or instructions about earning the coin is subject to change