Sunday Bloody Mary

Sunday Bloody Mary

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Our Pickled Peco’s are really popular, they are super versatile, much more than a sandwich add on.     Here is a simple delicious Bloody Mary recipe using them, perfect for those lazy Sundays.

Vodka your choice or Gin. We prefer Gin, they add nice flavors to a traditional bloody.

Bloody Mary mix your preference

Craft Pickled Peco’s

Lemon wedge 2

Celery  trim also lightly peel the outs to avoid the stringy stuff

Cocktail sauce add horseradish and depth. We like bookbinders or Kirschners

Capers if you have them handy or green olives

16 oz glass with Ice and a straw.

Put ice in glass halfway , drop in a teaspoon of cocktail sauce , 1/2 teaspoon of capers , table spoon of Craft pickled Peno’s, squeeze one lemon wedge in and drop lemon in glass.    Pour your choice of Vodka or Gin over, then fill glass with Bloody Mary mix.   Stir with celery stick insert straw. The Pickled peno’s add a hint of sweetness to the spices making for a real fun drink.  (If you use capers they will get stuck in skinny straw).  Enjoy !!!!! Experiment with different gins they will make completely different flavor profiles. (Our next one will be with Lancaster distillery’s , Charcoal and Rose petal gin.

Ice ice baby


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